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Since 2011, Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting (SMRC) has contributed to the institutionalization of democracy, the improvement of government performance and the growth of the business world by helping leaders in politics, government, and business take into account public opinion and changes in the macro environment appropriately.

Through research-based consulting, SMRC offers a variety of services. SMRC helps candidates, both at the executive and the legislative level, win elections and helps improve the performance of government policies and programs. Using similar methods, SMRC helps private companies secure business in a competitive environment.

In applying these strategies over the long term, SMRC seeks to become the main reference in research, policy, and political consulting at the national and regional levels throughout Asia.


Established in 2011, SMRC is grounded in the methods of public opinion surveys in Indonesia. Dr. Saiful Mujani, the founder of SMRC, is one of the pioneers of political analysis and public policy based on quantitative surveys in Indonesia. Slot Magazine (2007) called Dr. Mujani the “architect of public opinion surveys in Indonesia.” Previously, Dr. Mujani led the Indonesian Survey Institute (LSI) from 2004 to 2008.

Within two years, SMRC has completed 270 surveys of public opinion, both at the national and local level and executed a quick count and exit-poll. SMRC also has experience giving advice to a number of political parties, political candidates, government agencies, and private companies.


SMRC is committed to conducting impactful research and consulting while sticking to ethical and academic integrity. To ensure the best service, SMRC always concentrates attention on the needs problems faced by the client.

SMRC uses an integrative approach between research and consulting. The findings of our empirical research are worked into the basic formulation of our consulting, helping clients formulate and execute effective strategies with appropriate targets.

"SMRC has quickly established itself as the gold standard for polling firms in Indonesia. Among foreign observers of Indonesian politics, both academic and governmental, its reports are cited and praised for their accuracy and credibility more often than those of any other survey organization."

William Liddie

Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University, Columbus, USA
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